Went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary #Halloween Party last night and went as #Maleficent! It was such an awesome night! #DCP #DisneyCollegeProgram #DCPrincessRose
Damn cupcake truck outside our place every other Thursday, stealing my money! But got some good flavors: red velvet, chocolate on chocolate action, smut cake (layered cookie dough, Oreo, and brownie), cookies got creamed. 😌 (at Chatham Square)

I had a terrible dream last night. Not a nightmare, but an ultimatum.

I just started working last week, and a guest has already mentioned my name! Word got back to one of our leaders, and she came to tell me the good news! In addition, they rewarded me with this cute Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich! 😍 #DCP #DisneyCollegeProgram #DCPrincessRose (at Disney’s Magic Kingdom)


Well, when that day comes we both have to be strong. Until then, goodnight… and I love you.